A leading manufacturer of Industrial and Decorative Paints. We lay great emphasis on quality and have implemented all possible quality control measures.
Polyurethane Base Paints
Polyurethane Base Primers & Thinner
Epoxy Base Paints
Heat Resistance Thinner
Acrylic Primers & Thinners
Chlorinated Rubber Base Paints
Epoxy Base Primer and Thinner
Conformal Coating
Heat Resistant Paints
Acrylic Solvent Base Paints
Chlorinated Rubber Base Primer and Thinners
Home Decorative Paints
Oil Base Paints Primer and Thinner
Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer
Epoxy Based Conformal Coating
Enamel Paints
PCB Coating
Aircraft Paints
Acrylic Coatings
Synthetic Enamel Paint
Antifouling Paints
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